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Forthcoming Titles
The Silkworm
Robert Galbraith
Paperback | Jun 2015
on order $18.00
(releases Jun 2 2015)

The Land of Stories
Chris Colfer
Hardcover | Jul 2015
on order $20.00
(releases Jul 7 2015)

Finders Keepers
Stephen King
Hardcover | Jun 2015
on order $39.99
(releases Jun 2 2015)

The Land of Stories
Chris Colfer
Paperback | Jun 2015
on order $9.00
(releases Jun 9 2015)

Dork Diaries 9
Rachel Renee Russell
Hardcover | Jun 2015
on order $17.99
(releases Jun 2 2015)

The Rise & Fall of Great Powers
Tom Rachman
Paperback | Jul 2015
on order $21.00
(releases Jul 21 2015)

The Organized Mind
Daniel J Levitin
Paperback | Jul 2015
on order $22.00
(releases Jul 28 2015)

The Lewis Man
Peter May
Paperback | Aug 2015
on order $14.99
(releases Aug 4 2015)

The Warrior Chronicles (8) - The Empty Throne
Bernard Cornwell
Paperback | Jun 2015
on order $10.99
(releases Jun 30 2015)

The Baby-Sitters Club Graphic Novel #2
Ann M Martin
Paperback | Aug 2015
on order $12.99
(releases Aug 1 2015)
Welcome to Furby House Books

"Authors for Indies" - what a wonderful concept! Authors and independent bookstores celebrate together the power of the written word.
Across Canada, Saturday May 2nd is a day of collaborative support when authors visit indie bookstores, and promote the writers they have been reading as well as their own titles.
At Furby House Books we will be welcoming authors from 11 to 4 on the 2nd. There will be local authors, out-of-town authors and some surprise "drop-ins". Sandwiches and juice will be on offer for authors and customers. Plum Johnson, "They Left Us Everything", winner of the Taylor Prize for non-fiction, will be in the store between 1 and 3, but visit us whenever you can.


We know that Spring is coming because the store is becoming busier as people get "out and about". And events are starting to happen ...
There is still time to view the artwork by Dorothy Siemens that has brightened our walls during the month of March.
We are highlighting two books by local authors, "The Gift Of Memoir" by Diane Taylor and "The Fight Of Our Life" by Catherine Hawley. Diane's book is "an accessible, engaging read, abounding in useful tips and best practices for memoir (and other) writers", according to Cynthia Reyes, author of "A Good Home: A Memoir". Catherine writes about the true story of a journey through our health care system that is both a cautionary tale and a love story.

On Friday, April 10th, Brooke Johnson will launch "Trudeau Stories" at the bookstore. In 1985, while a student at the National Theatre School of Canada, Brooke became friends with Pierre Elliott Trudeau. She developed a one-woman play that reflected that surprising friendship. What continues to be "a remarkable theatre experience" is now a book. Meet the actor/writer, listen to a reading, view some "family" artwork; the evening starts at 7 p.m.

AUTHORS FOR INDIES: This new initiative between authors and independent booksellers will be on Saturday, May 2nd. We'll keep you posted as we add  authors but we can tell you that Plum Johnson will be one of those authors.


I was standing in our backyard. In front of me were a dozen cardboard boxes. They were full of books – the first editions of my titles. Liberated from storage, these boxes were now a problem. What should I do with them?

I contemplated a  conflagration – a match tossed idly into the pile. Wouldn't work; the finest of Port Hope’s fire brigade would appear with alacrity, frightening Claire and the neighbours.

I had another sip from my mug. How to deal with this detritus of my younger self – still remembered fondly but no longer wanted?

Brilliant idea! Give the boxes to the local book store. I’ll sign some of the books with my usual flourish. Furby House Books could benefit, and I might see some overdue royalties!

Now they tell me that I have my own website – my faithful typewriter is apoplectic about the indignity.”

Farley Mowat


Fax and Copy Service

Furby House Books is now offering fax and copy services. The cost is $2 per page. Cash only.


Click here for the Furby House Books Consignment Policy

New Releases
Wages of Rebellion
Chris Hedges
Hardcover | May 2015
in store $32.00

National Geographic Kids Almanac 2016, Canadian edition
Geographic Kids National
Paperback | May 2015
in store $17.99

Letters to My Grandchildren
David Suzuki
Hardcover | May 2015
in store $27.95

The Familiar, Volume 1
Mark Z Danielewski
Paperback | May 2015
in store $29.95

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